The Corn Exchange

Lower Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells

A new Cripps wedding venue for 2018

Cripps Barn opened in 1990 as one of the first wedding barns, and over the years we have slowly expanded to other venues around the country.

Whilst barns have so far given us the raw material for creating wonderful spaces for weddings, we’re delighted to have found The Corn Exchange in Tunbridge Wells, a remarkable building in the heart of this historic town, and an exciting new foray for us into the world of urban venues.  Subject to planning approval, we hope to open for weddings and events in 2018.

Plans for the Hall

There is a wonderful, unknown, old assembly room in the Corn Exchange, which has been divided into smaller spaces for many years and has now been opened up.  It’s a grand and unique room featuring lovely brick walls and high sash windows, which is going to make a spectacular Ceremony Room for civil weddings and, later in the day’s schedule, a Dining Room.  At the far end of the room from the windows will be a professional kitchen which, whilst hidden during the wedding ceremony, can then be revealed to provide guests with a view of Cripps’ trademark style of cooking – big Rotisseries and BBQs with lots of flame and theatre.

A staircase will then lead down a dramatic stairwell where the mood will change from the velvety elegance of upstairs to a distinctly industrial-feel dance floor and bar.  Deep in the building, the volume can be turned up without fear of disturbing the neighbours.

About us

Cripps Barn Group has developed four unique wedding barns and we are working on our fifth in Nottinghamshire.  Please have a look at and browse the different barns.  We hope you will see that each is totally individual, but that they share a certain style, and, from the testimonial letters, that each place’s team provide a uniquely personal service from booking to the delivery of the day.

Come and have a look now

We are opening the undeveloped site for viewings on specific dates, so if you are interested in coming for a preview, please email us at to arrange a time. We will be taking no-commitment, no-deposit provisional bookings during this period so, if you like the Hall, you can reserve a date while the Planning process is undertaken.  We look forward to hearing from you.